What is Kiddo?

Kiddo is a personalized smart health platform for children. We strive to improve healthcare and health habits for children powered by personalized health insights. We work with kids, parents, healthcare providers, insurance companies and schools - the healthcare ecosystem.

Who is Kiddo suitable for?

The Kiddo band is suitable for children ages 3+.

What wrist sizes does Kiddo accommodate for?

The Kiddo is designed to fit a range of wrist sizes suitable for children ages 3+ . Wrist circumference is around 4 inches to 6.75 inches.

Is the Kiddo safe for my child to use?

Absolutely. Kiddo is designed to be biocompatible, water resistant and to withstand the knocks, falls and drops your kid will put it through. Kiddo only uses nickel/ lead free non-allergenic materials in all of its components. It also uses very low emission Bluetooth which is completely harmless.

How safe is my kids data?

The Kiddo has a strong focus on security and encryption. The data is highly secure and encrypted close to medical record standards. We also follow COPPA regulations on data sharing. The parent is always the primary owner of the data.

Data servers are managed and located in a SOC 2, Type II audited facility that is located in the United States and includes high-end surveillance equipment, security guards, visitor logs and passcards/biometric recognition. Data is transmitted across a protected, 256-bit SSL connection that encrypts the data before it is sent to the servers. All access to the device and servers are required to use a 256-bit encrypted connection along with a strong password strength.

Does the Kiddo emit harmful radiation to my child?

No, the Kiddo uses very low emission Bluetooth which is harmless. The device is well within acceptable levels for kids.


My child has asthma/ heart condition/ other special needs, can the Kiddo diagnose such health problems?

The Kiddo is not a medical or diagnostic device and does not replace the need to consult a trained medical professional. The Kiddo is a wellness device which monitors key biometrics and can detect irregular patterns, focusing on long-term health and wellbeing.

How does the Kiddo measure stress?

The Kiddo measures stress by measuring variations for heart rate adjusted for activity which is then triangulated by other vital signs (e.g. sweating) . In this way Kiddo is able to differentiate between calm, active and stressed states.

How do I track nutrition?

Nutrition is one of the many aspects that helps to keep your kid as healthy and happy as they can be. With the Kiddo, we are working on providing content and tips on healthy foods to provide optimal nutrition for your child, based on their personalized data.

Why doesn't the Kiddo have a display?

As the Kiddo is designed for very young children, we didn't want to contribute to more screen time in their lives. A lack of display enables teachers to allow the device in schools without the downside of an "always-on" screen. The information that the Kiddo provides is meant to be evaluated by parents and guardians, eliminating the need to have a screen on the device.

Does it have a GPS tracking function?

We designed the Kiddo for kids to be kids. The Kiddo isn't a GPS tracker. It is, however, possible to enable geo-fencing on the Kiddo app. This works using the Bluetooth connectivity between the Kiddo and the smartphone hosting the app. When a range is set, for example indoors versus outdoors, the app sounds out an alarm when the Kiddo moves outside of that range.



How does the Kiddo actually connect?

Kiddo works by connecting with an authorized mobile phone (e.g. a parent's phone) via BLE. It then syncs the data collected by it to the mobile phone which in turn syncs to the cloud in an encrypted manner. This way the data is available to be accessed in real time by any guardian or caregiver who is authorized by the parent.

Can I sync more than one Kiddo to the app?

More than one Kiddo can be synced to the app, up to a maximum of 60 at a time!

What platforms is the app available on?

We will be available on iOS first with a plan to launch Android shortly thereafter.



What is the Kiddo's battery life?

It will vary depending on how much your child plays with the games, but we designed it to deliver at least over a few day's worth of battery even with heavy usage.

How long does it take to charge? Does the Kiddo come with a charger?

Each Kiddo comes with its own convenient charging cable which can be plugged into any USB port (doing away with the necessity of a country-specific plug). Charging time is around 1 hour.

Are there in app purchases?

No - the app does link to a store on the website on which a parent would need to log-in to make any additional purchases.


Warranty and Shipping

Is there a warranty?

Kiddo offers a one year manufacturer's warranty.

What countries do you deliver to?

We deliver worldwide except to European Union countries currently. We intend to add sales and delivery capability to EU countries shortly.

How will shipping be handled internationally?

Kiddos will be shipped via a trusted courier service to the delivery address of your choice.


For our Kickstarter backers

When will I receive my order?

We aim to ship our first wave of Kiddos by summer 2018 before the start of the school year.

Why has there been a delay in receiving my Kiddo?

We sincerely regret the delays in shipping you your Kiddo. The DVT-2 build of the Kiddo has progressed well. It has taken additional production and testing time to ensure that the device, straps and top covers are meeting our high performance standards on wearability and fit.

What if I want to change my order before ship date?

Regrettably, at this time, we are not accepting change order requests due to our commitment on meeting our fulfillment dates for our entire backer community.

What if I want to order more for family and friends?

Go to kiddowear.com, click the 'Join Waitlist' button, and sign up. You will receive updates on the status of the next wave of fulfillment after submitting your contact information.

Where I can send any additional questions?

Whether you have a question or feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Email us at: hello@kiddowear.com


Here you can read our Limited Warranty