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Making Healthcare Better For Kids

Ideal For 3+ Years


Smart Bands Made Just for Kids

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Kiddo monitors your child’s vitals and provides daily insights about health, stress, activity, and sleep levels via the companion app.

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Kiddo alerts you in advance if your child might be falling sick, stressed, tired, or not getting enough activity.

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Kiddo enables you to set healthy habits for your child and reward them when their goals are achieved.

Health and Wellness

View daily insights on your child’s health status, stress levels, activity profile and sleep quality. Kiddo alerts and simple actions will help you mitigate potential health and wellness issues faster and sooner.

Live Better

Teach your child about managing their well being by setting goals related to healthy habits. Your child can even win free prizes when they achieve these goals!


Play More

Personalize the Kiddo with interchangeable covers. Play gesture driven games that can be used to control music and other connected toys.

Support Network

Grant a guardian, nanny, or teacher special access to the Kiddo so that they can act if you can’t.


How Does Kiddo Work?


Kiddo uses advanced 4-in-1 sensor technology to measure vital bio-signs and deliver wellness insights. Kiddo is compact, comfortable and rigorously tested. It’s designed to be safe for all children.



  1. Heart Rate

  2. Skin Temperature

  3. Perspiration

  4. Accelerometer

Notification LEDs

Sensor technology will notify you if your child has irregular patterns.

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Multiple Top Covers



Sea Animals

Sea Animals




What Doctors Are Saying

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“Kiddo is an amazing tool and the first of it's kind, designed to provide real-time measurement of many important aspects of a child's health.”

Dr. Sara Schaefer (Ph D), Director of Children's Health Programs, Univ. of California Davis

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“Vital signs are a window into the health of a child and needed for diagnosing nearly every pediatric condition. The Kiddo does that.”

Dr. Debbie Yi (MD), Prof. of Emergency Medicine, Univ. of California SF


"Potential of Kiddo to help children with developmental disabilities is unparalleled. Allowing parents information in real time will be invaluable in improving day-to-day life."

Dr. Jennifer Miller (MD), Prof. of Pediatric Endocrinology, Univ. of Florida


"The tracking of activity and sleep by parents is only one aspect. The ability to capture temperature and heart rate, and share this with a doctor or school nurse is tremendously useful."

Dr Prem Pillay (MD), Pediatric Neurosurgery, Mount Elizabeth, Singapore


What Parents Are Saying

If you want to be up to date with the everyday health of your kid, it’s a great idea to purchase the Kiddo.
Just neat. Adults have a Fitbit. This has a lot more, and it’s for kids.
Amazing wearable tech for kids. I am always concerned about my child’s well being—which mother isn’t? It’s brilliant.