Kiddo: Stay Connected To Your Child’s Wellbeing


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Meet the Kiddo

Kiddo is a smart band made just for kids. It monitors their health while they study, play and sleep. Kiddo tracks your child’s vitals and you get daily insights about health, activity, and sleep levels via the companion app. Thus, you can now worry less about your child’s health because Kiddo will alert you in advance if your child might be falling sick, or stressed or tired or not getting enough activity.






What Does The Kiddo Do?

Worry Less

Whether you are with your child or not, you can view their health status, activity, stress levels and sleep quality daily. Kiddo’s revolutionary 4-in-1 sensor technology measures key vitals.

Play More

Give your child the power to personalize their Kiddo with interchangeable covers. Gesture driven games encourage active behavior. Your child will want to play with the Kiddo all day long.

Live Better

Set goals related to healthy habits you want to encourage. Your child receives actual reward points when they achieve these goals and can win free prizes!

Be Social

Invite your support network to help out. Grant a grandparent, nanny, aunt or teacher special access to the Kiddo so that they can act if you can’t.

What Parents Are Saying


“If you want to be up to date with the everyday health of your kid, it’s a great idea to purchase the Kiddo.” Tom, San Francisco

“It’s a lot to keep track of 4 kids at the same time while making sure they are all happy and stress free. Kiddo is perfect for them.” Dianne, Boston

“Amazing wearable tech for kids. I am always concerned about my child’s well-being -which mother isn’t? It is brilliant.” Hilary, San Francisco

“Just neat. Adults have a Fitbit. This has a lot more, and it’s for kids. Can measure stress.” Kerry, Texas

What Doctors Are Saying


“Kiddo is an amazing tool and the first of it’s kind, designed to provide real-time measurement of your child’s health.”

Sara Schaefer, Director – Foods for Health Institute, University of California, Davis


“Vital signs are a window into the health of a child, fundamental to knowing if a child is sick or not at any time.”

Dr. Debbie Yi (MD), Asst Prof. of Emergency Medicine, UCSF Gen Hospital


“Kiddo fits the unique needs of both its parent and child user. The software presents insights that any caregiver can understand.”

Dr. Rishi Madhok (MD), Informatics Chair at The Pediatrics for Emergency Physicians Network

Kiddo’s Reviews


“The ‘Kiddo’ aims to give parents and guardians insight into their child’s wellness.”


“Wearables for kids are here to stay.”


“The peace of mind that comes from knowing someone else is helping to watch your child, is tremendous.”


“Strap this Kiddo wearable on their wrist and you’ll have a bevvy of data to keep the doctor away.”


“A children’s wearable…giving parents and guardians actionable insights into their child’s overall health and wellbeing”


“But more than just gathering data, the combination of wearable and app will help you and your child work together for their health…”


“Kiddo has a range of features designed to look at children more holistically than just being a regular activity tracker”


Invite your support network to help out. Grant a grandparent, nanny, aunt or teacher special access to the Kiddo so that they can act if you can’t.